Who won the powerball last night? (and how you can do it too…)

Did anyone win the powerball last night?

If someone won powerball last night, he or she is very,very,very lucky!
(…Or used tips I`ll reveal at the bottom of this post…)

First, few things about powerball.

Lotto America drawings started 1988. They changed the name as Powerball in 1992 and ever since powerball has been one of the most popular lottery games. Powerball has paid out prizes worth over $5 Billion and counting!

here are few BIG wins:

-Christmas 2002: J. Whittaker had these numbers: 53-14-5-16-29. He won $315 million on Christmas. Biggest single-ticket jackpot in US lotto history.

-October 2005, Steve West won $340

-August 2007, ex car worker won $314 millions.

So, it would be nice to hit the powerball jackpot tonight but do you know how likely you will win Powerball jackpot?

Your winning odds for hitting powerball main prize are 1:195 million. When you look at the odds you might as well quit playing powerball, right? It`s not going to happen!

Well, odds for hitting the powerball jackpot are out of your reach (unless you get extremely lucky) but there are also smaller prizes to win and odds are much better.

Let`s see what are the odds and winnings if you play with one dollar.

(matches, odds, prize)

– 0 matching numbers, Powerball only. odds: 1:21. prize: $3
– 1 match + powerball. 1:123.48. $4
– 2 + powerball. 1:787.17. $7
– 3 without powerball. 1:359.06. $7
– 3 + Powerball. 1:13,644.24. $100
– 4 without powerball. 1:19,030.12. $100
– 4 + powerball. 1:723,144.64. $10,000
– 5 numbers without Powerball. 1:5,138,133.00. $200,000

…and finally the main prize…

– 5 + powerball. odds: 1:195,249,054.00. Prize: Jackpot

Now, take a look at those numbers. Obviously odds of winning the main prize in Powerball are impossible but you have MUCH bigger  odds of winning $10K or 200K.

So,  how can you increase your powerball winning odds?

just keep reading…

How to win powerball – tips that can multiply your odds

-Analyze past winning numbers. See if some numbers are drawn more frequently than others (also called as hot numbers). If you pick hot numbers, you will increase your chances of winning the powerball. (this can take hours but it`s worth of it)

– The easiest way is to buy more powerball tickets. You can double or triple your odds simply by getting more tickets to powerball – amount of your tickets can make a huge difference.

-You should also play both drawings. Powerball runs twice a week and if you play more frequently with more tickets you can improve your odds even more.

-Do NOT play with combinations like 1,2,3,4,5…or 2,4,6,8…(and so on…)Believe me, those kind of lottery combinations will not be drawn.

Super tip: a proven strategy to win powerball (or any other lottery game)

Did you know there`s a  proven way to pick winning lottery numbers? You can increase your powerball winning odds to 1 in 13 if you know how to eliminate (most of) losing numbers. There`s a strategy that does just that. It helps you to get multiple wins and boosts your winning odds up over 98%. Actually this system is over 19-years old and it has resulted perhaps more lotto winners than any other strategy. I´m talking about Silver Lotto System. It works with USA / australia powerball as well as many other lottery games and if you haven`t heard of this system yet I suggest you check it out:

Click here to visit Silver Lotto system website... (Remember to sign up for free tips…)

So, who won powerball last night? I don`t know but tonight it can be you!

Thanks for reading,
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