Predict lotto numbers – weird lottery strategy

Weird way to predict winning lotto numbers revealed.


I recently read one of the craziest lottery success stories EVER. This story tells about 43 years old car shop employee who accidentally discovered a new way to predict winning lottery numbers…and he won over $10 Millions within 90 days using his (totally weird) system!

You think he discovered a new way to calculate lottery patterns? Well, he is (ex) car shop worker and he`s not very talented with math. His system has nothing to do with picking hot and cold lottery numbers or trying to use complex patterns of numbers that might be drawn.

Well, how is he doing it? What`s his lottery secret?

This is when it gets totally crazy. This guy claims that he is using visualisation and concentration to predict lottery  numbers and he seems to attract the winning numbers like magic. (I told you this is weird stuff)

He says he can manipulate the energies of the universe for picking winning lottery numbers. (He sounds like a complete wacko to be honest…but a rich one)

He also claims he can teach Anyone to win the lottery without needing to analyze past winning numbers and without doing lottery research…

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In case you think what`s my opinion about this? Here`s my answer…

Can you really predict lottery numbers with these weird methods?

First, I think it`s important to have goals in your life and it`s really important to focus on what you want. People who achieve what they want have goals and they take action to reach their goals.

I know this sounds crazy but you should understand that you are what you think all day long!

You can change many conditions in your life by changing the way you think.

So, you can win lotto just by visualizing certain numbers?

Well, in my opinion luck is a factor that you can`t fully control and even if you use the the best lottery system on the planet, there is no full quarantee that you can predict winning lottery numbers. But if you use a proven system you can increase your winning chances up to 90%.

should you try visualisation or goal setting when you play lottery?

In my opinion, absolutely! If your goal is to win the lottery and you decide you will find a system you can use to choose winning lottery numbers, you will sooner or later find that system! But remember, you won`t (most likely) reach your goals in one day or even one week. When you set up your goals, what ever they might be, you should be patient and don`t give up until you reach your goals!

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