How to pick winning lottery numbers – avoid these mistakes

How to pick winning lottery numbers – the WRONG way…


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The ugly fact is that over 99% of people only lose with lottery.
One reason for this is that they play with a bad strategy and they also think they only need to be lucky enough to pick winning lottery numbers.

Do you belong to 99% of people who think that lottery is only about luck?
If so, when do you think your luck will change and you begin to win instead of losing every time?

Let me tell you, It`s not going to happen unless you change the way you play lottery!


Avoid these mistakes when you play lottery


How to pick winning lottery numbers – things to avoid!

I’ve been doing a research to find out how people usually play lottery.
I wanted to know how people pick their numbers and what lottery strategies they use.

…and I actually found out why people keep losing the lottery!

Here are the most common ways people use to find best lottery numbers to pick:

– Using dates that seem lucky like birthdays of their loved ones, wedding days etc.
– Using random lottery number generators (you can find these all over the internet)
– Filling lottery tickets by manually pick random numbers
– Using quick pick lottery numbers (letting lottery ticket computer choose your numbers)

All of those are not winning lottery strategies and that`s why most of people keep losing their money!

You need to be very lucky if you win with combinations of dates or random numbers. And it`s also sad to see how many people use auto-picks because it`s almost a surefire way to keep losing. You really think lotto ticket computers at lotto company give you number combinations that have high winning odds? Lotto is a billion dollar business and the more people play losing lines the more lotto companies win! Think about that for a while!

So, if you want to play lottery with some of methods above you are depending on luck and you have high odds of losing your money.

How to pick winning lottery numbers – let me tell you a secret…

You know, there`s a system that allows you to win 8/10 times you play lottery. It`s a software developed by MIT professor who has spent 27 years to research lottery numbers and patterns. His research resulted  a lottery software that automatically generates winning lottery combinations and patterns. All you need to do is click few times and you get lottery combinations that are very likely to win.

After this lottery software was released to the public, lots of people around the world have had frequent success with all kinds of lottery games.

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If you want to play lottery the old way, go ahead, but if you`re not getting results you need to do something about it. I guess you don`t want to keep putting your money each and every week into lottery just to find out how disappointed you are after every lottery drawing.

it`s frustrating when you keep playing lottery without winning but if you change the way you play the results will change too. If you want to get a system that allows you to pick winning lottery numbers and win 8 out of 10 times, you should check out the MIT professors software and prepare to finally win.

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