How to pick winning lottery numbers – avoid these mistakes

How to pick winning lottery numbers – the WRONG way…


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The ugly fact is that over 99% of people only lose with lottery.
One reason for this is that they play with a bad strategy and they also think they only need to be lucky enough to pick winning lottery numbers.

Do you belong to 99% of people who think that lottery is only about luck?
If so, when do you think your luck will change and you begin to win instead of losing every time?

Let me tell you, It`s not going to happen unless you change the way you play lottery!


Avoid these mistakes when you play lottery


How to pick winning lottery numbers – things to avoid!

I’ve been doing a research to find out how people usually play lottery.
I wanted to know how people pick their numbers and what lottery strategies they use.

…and I actually found out why people keep losing the lottery!

Here are the most common ways people use to find best lottery numbers to pick:

– Using dates that seem lucky like birthdays of their loved ones, wedding days etc.
– Using random lottery number generators (you can find these all over the internet)
– Filling lottery tickets by manually pick random numbers
– Using quick pick lottery numbers (letting lottery ticket computer choose your numbers)

All of those are not winning lottery strategies and that`s why most of people keep losing their money!

You need to be very lucky if you win with combinations of dates or random numbers. And it`s also sad to see how many people use auto-picks because it`s almost a surefire way to keep losing. You really think lotto ticket computers at lotto company give you number combinations that have high winning odds? Lotto is a billion dollar business and the more people play losing lines the more lotto companies win! Think about that for a while!

So, if you want to play lottery with some of methods above you are depending on luck and you have high odds of losing your money.

How to pick winning lottery numbers – let me tell you a secret…

You know, there`s a system that allows you to win 8/10 times you play lottery. It`s a software developed by MIT professor who has spent 27 years to research lottery numbers and patterns. His research resulted  a lottery software that automatically generates winning lottery combinations and patterns. All you need to do is click few times and you get lottery combinations that are very likely to win.

After this lottery software was released to the public, lots of people around the world have had frequent success with all kinds of lottery games.

Click here to read what users of that software say about it…

If you want to play lottery the old way, go ahead, but if you`re not getting results you need to do something about it. I guess you don`t want to keep putting your money each and every week into lottery just to find out how disappointed you are after every lottery drawing.

it`s frustrating when you keep playing lottery without winning but if you change the way you play the results will change too. If you want to get a system that allows you to pick winning lottery numbers and win 8 out of 10 times, you should check out the MIT professors software and prepare to finally win.

Click here to visit website of the software I`m talking about…

So, if you want to know how to pick winning lottery numbers, just click the link above…

how to pick winning lottery numbersThanks for reading,




lottery number generator


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Lottery winning tips – free ebook

Secrets to winning the lottery – free!


I recently had a permission from legendary Ken Silver to give my readers his lottery strategy ebook for free! This book is called: Lottery secrets – 10 winning strategies

First, who is Ken Silver and why you should listen to him?

He is owner of 20-years old Silver lotto system. Silver Lotto is a unique lottery system that helps you to  bring your lottery winnings odds up 98%. (99% is his record)

Click here to visit Silver Lotto System website And make sure you sign up to his newsletter because it`s fantastic and full of free lottery tips! (opens in a new window)


Lottery secrets – free ebook.


Before you download I´ll share what you find inside this ebook…

10 Lotto Playing Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Cost.10 lottery mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Read this and discover why most people don`t win the lottery. After you understand this, you will be a better player and get more wins.

3 Essential Tips For Your Lottery Game. Whatever lotto game you decide to play, you should know this these 3 important things.

Should You Play 7 Ball Games?
This is an eye-opener. Why you should avoid big number games if you want to win lottery. A MUST read!

5 Common Game & Ticket Mistakes
What you should NOT do when playing lotto. Read this and you can avoid the most common lottery mistakes and improve your chances of winning lottery. Really good tips you should know.

(HOT!) What Secret Number Should You Always Include?
(Insider secret)You`ll learn how to pick a winning lottery number! There`s one special number that has been drawn so many times that it can`t be random!

Lottery Patterns You’ll Never See Win.
There are certain lottery patterns that are very are unlike to be drawn. There are winning number combinations and there are losing number combinations. Find out what combinations you should not play.

How to Predict Winning Lottery Games in 30 Seconds
Now, this is revealing you a lottery system that gives you better winning odds. Read this and you will understand how to use game history to find out certain patterns that give you better winning odds.

…and there are more lottery tips inside…

Click here to download / read lottery secrets – 10 winning strategies

lottery winning tips

…And also make sure to check out Ken Silver`s  website for more tips to pick winning lottery numbers. Click here to visit his website (opens in a new window)

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Free tips for picking lotto numbers

Today I have something very special for you.


Have you ever heard of Ace Lee?

Ace is an ex -lotto retailer who used to work over 5 years in lotto store. While he was working he began to study and analyze lottery patterns. He even talked to lotto winners and lottery agents and found out a strategy to pick winning lottery numbers in all lotto games…

Now you have a chance to get his lottery tips for free!

Click here to get access to his free lottery tips…


Ace`s  “Lottery Method” was mentioned in several newpapers and he has been helping people to win lottery for quite a while now.

Inside his free lotter tips newsletter you will find lots of good information including:

– learn how to win 3 lottery
– Learn how to win 4 lottery
– Learn how to win  5 lottery
– Learn how to win  6 lottery
– Learn how to win scratch offs

…And there`s so much more…

I`ve been reading Ace`s lottery newsletter for months now and I wanted to share this with you because I love his lotto tips. I recommend you sign up now and see for yourself. You will learn a lot and quite likely increase your chance of winning the lottery with these tips.

Click here to get access to Ace Lee`s free lotto tips…


Thanks for reading and take care.


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Amazing lotto story

Amazing lotto story

(Looking for lotto number generator? Read this blog post…)


I don’t know if you’re a lotto player or not but you should see this because it`s totally amazing:

Click here to see what I´m talking about…

This story is about a math professor who cracked the lottery pattern and won jackpot 3 times in a row! (Actually the professor got shot in the foot for protecting his secret!)

Now he is ready to tell it all and reveal how he has been able choose lottery numbers with his system. You should read this right away because if someone wins three jackpots in a row, it`s not a coincidence…

Click here to read the rest of the story…

Even if you have never played lottery head over to that website and read through the story. If you want to know the true secret about beating the lotto, it`s all at that website.

Thanks for reading and take care.


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Proven lotto strategy

Proven way to win the lottery


(Note: In case you are looking for lotto number generator, click here to read this blog post…)


Would you like to learn how to pick winning lottery numbers with a proven strategy that has generated thousands of lottery winners? This system has been helping lotto players for past 20 years…

Click here to see the system and achieve up to 98% win rate…

You`ve most likely heard that Odds of winning lotto games are against you, right?

What if you could eliminate the number combinations that are very unlikely drawn? You believe it would improve your odds of winning the lottery?

You know there are millions of lotto number combos that have poor winning chances and if you can get rid of those numbers, your odds will skyrocket!

Most common lottery combination is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…and it`s the worst possible line you can play! It`s a mathematical fact that a 1 to 6 line is not going to win! And even if it would win, you`d earn only few bucks because that line is the most played lotto combination…So, If you want to win the lotto you should learn how to get rid of poor number combinations.


How can you pick winning lottery numbers?


Actually there is one really good lotto system has been helping lotto players for past twenty years and it has generated thousands of lotto winners. This system can help you to achieve amazing 9 out of 10 win rate. This lotto system works with almost every lotto game on the planet and it`s easy to learn. You only need a sheet of paper and pen to use this system.

Click here to see how this system works…


If you want to learn how to win the lottery with a proven and guaranteed system, I recommend you check out  silver lotto system. As you can see, there are lots of real people, including lotto millionaires, who recommend this system. Did I already mention, this stratedy is backed up by a 2-month money back guarantee. So, if you don`t win in two months you will get your money back. There`s no risk in trying this system so I recommend you try it out if you want to win in lottery.

Click here to try the silver lotto system… and finally win the lottery!

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Lottery number generator that wins 8 out of 10 times

87% win rate with lottery number generator!


If you play lotto week after week and never win anything, I have very good news for you because this can change your life completely. Have you heard of lottery number generator that was created by MIT professor who has spend over twenty seven YEARS studying lottery patterns and this lotto generator works with EVERY lotto game!

Click here to see the official site of this lotto number generator…

Note: Licences to this software are limited and it can be pulled from market at any time…


I know you are skeptical about this


This may sound unbelievable but this lottery generator allows you to achieve amazing win rate. You can win lottery 8/10 times using this lottery number generator. Skills needed: Pointing and clicking and the software does the rest!

Now, this lottery number system is already creating more lotto winners than any other systems out there and it allows lottery players to win on regular basis.

Most of lotto system make promises they don`t deliver and you end up with empty wallet. That`s why I understand you are skeptical and suspicious about this. But this lotto system has been examined by lottery administrators officials and at one time it was almost been banned because it`s so powerful that it can bring your win rate up to 87%!

This means that if you play lotto 20 times, you will win money from 17 draws. There are already lots of people using this lotto number generator and they are constantly winning money with it. So if you want to win money from lottery over and over again, you should check out this lotto generator…

Click here to start using the secret lotto number generator…


Don`t believe me – just see what other people say


At the Formula 1 lotto number generator website you will find stories of real people who have been using this secret lottery software. If you read through their stories, you will realize that many of them have been able to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle by winning the lottery with this lotto system…

See the success stories by clicking this link…

So, if you wish to keep playing the lottery without winning, don`t get this lottery number system. If you wish to possibly change your life and win on regular basis, you should try this software and see what it can do.

There is also a full money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose if you try this lotto number generator. Remeber, licenses to this software are limited so if you want to get yours, I recommend you get yours right away.

Click here to start using formula 1 lotto generator…


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Who won the powerball last night? (and how you can do it too…)

Did anyone win the powerball last night?

If someone won powerball last night, he or she is very,very,very lucky!
(…Or used tips I`ll reveal at the bottom of this post…)

First, few things about powerball.

Lotto America drawings started 1988. They changed the name as Powerball in 1992 and ever since powerball has been one of the most popular lottery games. Powerball has paid out prizes worth over $5 Billion and counting!

here are few BIG wins:

-Christmas 2002: J. Whittaker had these numbers: 53-14-5-16-29. He won $315 million on Christmas. Biggest single-ticket jackpot in US lotto history.

-October 2005, Steve West won $340

-August 2007, ex car worker won $314 millions.

So, it would be nice to hit the powerball jackpot tonight but do you know how likely you will win Powerball jackpot?

Your winning odds for hitting powerball main prize are 1:195 million. When you look at the odds you might as well quit playing powerball, right? It`s not going to happen!

Well, odds for hitting the powerball jackpot are out of your reach (unless you get extremely lucky) but there are also smaller prizes to win and odds are much better.

Let`s see what are the odds and winnings if you play with one dollar.

(matches, odds, prize)

– 0 matching numbers, Powerball only. odds: 1:21. prize: $3
– 1 match + powerball. 1:123.48. $4
– 2 + powerball. 1:787.17. $7
– 3 without powerball. 1:359.06. $7
– 3 + Powerball. 1:13,644.24. $100
– 4 without powerball. 1:19,030.12. $100
– 4 + powerball. 1:723,144.64. $10,000
– 5 numbers without Powerball. 1:5,138,133.00. $200,000

…and finally the main prize…

– 5 + powerball. odds: 1:195,249,054.00. Prize: Jackpot

Now, take a look at those numbers. Obviously odds of winning the main prize in Powerball are impossible but you have MUCH bigger  odds of winning $10K or 200K.

So,  how can you increase your powerball winning odds?

just keep reading…

How to win powerball – tips that can multiply your odds

-Analyze past winning numbers. See if some numbers are drawn more frequently than others (also called as hot numbers). If you pick hot numbers, you will increase your chances of winning the powerball. (this can take hours but it`s worth of it)

– The easiest way is to buy more powerball tickets. You can double or triple your odds simply by getting more tickets to powerball – amount of your tickets can make a huge difference.

-You should also play both drawings. Powerball runs twice a week and if you play more frequently with more tickets you can improve your odds even more.

-Do NOT play with combinations like 1,2,3,4,5…or 2,4,6,8…(and so on…)Believe me, those kind of lottery combinations will not be drawn.

Super tip: a proven strategy to win powerball (or any other lottery game)

Did you know there`s a  proven way to pick winning lottery numbers? You can increase your powerball winning odds to 1 in 13 if you know how to eliminate (most of) losing numbers. There`s a strategy that does just that. It helps you to get multiple wins and boosts your winning odds up over 98%. Actually this system is over 19-years old and it has resulted perhaps more lotto winners than any other strategy. I´m talking about Silver Lotto System. It works with USA / australia powerball as well as many other lottery games and if you haven`t heard of this system yet I suggest you check it out:

Click here to visit Silver Lotto system website... (Remember to sign up for free tips…)

So, who won powerball last night? I don`t know but tonight it can be you!

Thanks for reading,
who won powerball last nightDale


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Predict lotto numbers – weird lottery strategy

Weird way to predict winning lotto numbers revealed.


I recently read one of the craziest lottery success stories EVER. This story tells about 43 years old car shop employee who accidentally discovered a new way to predict winning lottery numbers…and he won over $10 Millions within 90 days using his (totally weird) system!

You think he discovered a new way to calculate lottery patterns? Well, he is (ex) car shop worker and he`s not very talented with math. His system has nothing to do with picking hot and cold lottery numbers or trying to use complex patterns of numbers that might be drawn.

Well, how is he doing it? What`s his lottery secret?

This is when it gets totally crazy. This guy claims that he is using visualisation and concentration to predict lottery  numbers and he seems to attract the winning numbers like magic. (I told you this is weird stuff)

He says he can manipulate the energies of the universe for picking winning lottery numbers. (He sounds like a complete wacko to be honest…but a rich one)

He also claims he can teach Anyone to win the lottery without needing to analyze past winning numbers and without doing lottery research…

Check out the rest of the story by clicking here…

In case you think what`s my opinion about this? Here`s my answer…

Can you really predict lottery numbers with these weird methods?

First, I think it`s important to have goals in your life and it`s really important to focus on what you want. People who achieve what they want have goals and they take action to reach their goals.

I know this sounds crazy but you should understand that you are what you think all day long!

You can change many conditions in your life by changing the way you think.

So, you can win lotto just by visualizing certain numbers?

Well, in my opinion luck is a factor that you can`t fully control and even if you use the the best lottery system on the planet, there is no full quarantee that you can predict winning lottery numbers. But if you use a proven system you can increase your winning chances up to 90%.

should you try visualisation or goal setting when you play lottery?

In my opinion, absolutely! If your goal is to win the lottery and you decide you will find a system you can use to choose winning lottery numbers, you will sooner or later find that system! But remember, you won`t (most likely) reach your goals in one day or even one week. When you set up your goals, what ever they might be, you should be patient and don`t give up until you reach your goals!

In case you missed my earlier post:

pick winning lottery numbers Lottery winning tips – free ebook (download 10 strategies to win the lottery)



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Win in lottery by playing small number lottery games

There are lottery games you should avoid if you want to win big.

There`s no strategy to pick winning numbers in some lotto games!(At least I haven`t heard of that lottery strategy)

If you want to win in lottery you should avoid games with lots of balls & numbers. One game you should stay away is seven ball lottery games. You most likely won`t win in 7 ball lottery Unless you get extremely lucky…

This is why it`s hard to pick winning lottery numbers in 7 number lottery:

– The more money there is to win = more people playing the game = winning prize can be shared by lots of other people. So, if the main pot is $150 million you can end up winning only $1 million because there are lots of people playing that game…

– You need to spend more on lottery tickes. If you want the 7th ball, you need to invest more, as simple as that. And if you combine that to the fact that it takes extreme luck to win 7 ball games, it`s not worth of it! to spend more.

– Even if you use a strategy in 7 number lottery you may have to play over 10 years to win big prizes. You know, Small number lottery games have higher chance of big win. If you play small number lottery games you will increase your chance of winning big prizes more frequently.

To sum this up: If you want to win in lottery, focus on small number lottery games. The chances of winning big in high number lottery games are minimum unless you get very lucky!

Thanks for reading.

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Picking winning lottery numbers – free tips

Free lottery tips you can use to win.


All lotto players who want create a winning lottery strategy should know the rules and patterns of the game.
Basically all lotteries have pretty much the same basic principles.


Here are some tips for picking lottery numbers…

…and other things you should concider…

Tip 1. Change your mindset. This is really important! If you want to increase your chances of winning in lottery, the first thing you should do is start thinking you can win. If you keep thinking it`s impossible to beat the lottery system, you will keep losing, as simple as that. You should start thinking that winning lottery is not only about luck. Keep in mind that If you only learn the basic math behind the lottery, you will skyrocket your odds in picking winning lottery numbers.

Tip 2. Analyze past winning lottery numbers. You should be able to get game history up to recent drawing from your lotto vendor. Analyze which numbers get drawn most (hot numbers)…and finally fill up your lottery ticket by picking lottery numbers you just discovered.

Tip 3. As you have a lottery game history, check out the numbers that have not been drawn recently (cold numbers). Then fill your lottery ticket by picking lottery numbers you just analyzed.

Tip 4. Mix up hot and cold lottery numbers. Simply see the lotto history and fill a lotto ticket by adding numbers that have frequently be drawn and numbers that have not been drawn recently.

Tip 5. Buy two lottery tickets instead of one. Sounds simple but if you have analyzed recent lottery numbers and figured out the lottery numbers that get drawn most, you can increase your chance of winning by simply buying more than one ticket.

Tip 6. Set a loss limit. What is a loss limit? It is a maximum amount of money you are ready to play in lottery. If you reach the maximum limit, you should stop playing. This is how you can reduce losses so you don`t get into financial trouble. Always before you play lottery set a limit. Your loss limit can be anything from $10-100 depending on your personal budget.

If you use these tips you will increase your odds of winning lotto games. later on I will be giving more info you can use to pick winning lottery numbers.

Thanks for reading,

lotto How to pick winning lottery numbers – lottery number generator.

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